Ask TYL!Tsuna

Ah well,

I’m going to be busy from now on so I guess I can’t answer those asks after all.

At least, not now.

But I’m going to answer them, somehow.

Till then!


That’s basically what happened.


I’m sorry. Don’t get me wrong — I love khr. Very much. I’ve been in this fandom for three years, and I’ve made good friends because of this series.
But these past few arcs, honestly, I was getting disappointed. I was thinking of abandoning the fandom, but in the end, I love it too much to do that.

The reason I’m closing down the blog is because of well, real life shit.

I’m a third year student now, and college is taking up a lot of time in my life. I don’t have the time for anything at all actually, other than studying, I guess.

I just figured that, well, since the manga had already ended, why not sync it (me closing down the blog) with it? Its a good closure.

how do you even grammar

Askbox is closed!

Ahh, I guess you guys all know about KHR ending this week. I didn’t believe it before when it was just rumors, but when Shonen Jump actually confirmed it, well…

I was really surprised and quite disappointed.

I had fun drawing for Tsuna, even though I suck at it most of the time.

I’ll be closing down this blog for good, but before that, I’ll try my best answering all the remaining questions in my askbox.


should never have thrown that damn boomerang


Happy Halloween guys!

kinda early, but i fucking love halloween so who gives a shit.

Imma get to answering asks and stuff, but before that…i just wanna say…

I’ve just hit 300 followers!

Thanks for those who still persisted and never unfollowed this baka blog even if it often goes into unannounced hiatus. ; u ; OOC-tan is grateful.

On another matter, to those dudes who live along the hurricane path, be careful ok?

you guys will be in my prayers.


And I’ll pick my favorites to draw!


I know people give this kind of advice to most of those children who are being bullied. But believe me, just a little bit of self-esteem and a dash of courage can get you so far — more than you can ever imagine.  Back then I had no sense of self-worth. People called me a loser, and I believed that. I just gave up on life in general. I didn’t even try to improve my way of thinking! But later on, I figured out that there’s no reason to think like that. You and the bully — you’re both human beings. Equal. There’s no reason for one to feel inferior to the other. So chin up! Dare to look back. There’s nothing to fear.